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Counselling skills and NLP techniques for Healers, Readers and Helpers.


*This workshop will now run in 2018*


Do you offer healing, helping or psychic/mediumship services but sometimes find clients hard to relate to, difficult to understand or impossible to satisfy? Does it sometimes seem like they are 'on a different planet?'


Do you feel lost and out of your depth when a 'simple' client session descends into tears, anxiety and the revelation of a serious upset?


This workshop can help you!


This one day experiential workshop, - while obviously not a substitute for the years of training a professional counsellor/psychotherapist undertakes - will provide you with some useful and effective ways to:


Communicate better with any type of client;


Pick up the non-verbal clues that we often miss and 'join the dots' to create effective solutions with your client;


Confidently deal with breakdowns, anguish and hopelessness;


Clarify how you can work with your client to achieve  positive and lasting changes


Feel more accomplished and professional in your role;


Understand your own triggers, strengths and weaknesses;


Attract repeat business, more referrals from satisfied customers, and enhance your reputation.


Facilitator: Paul Eagle. Dip. Hyp; Dip. NLP; Reiki Master/Healer/Teacher.