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Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy is a proven way to align your unconscious mind with your conscious intentions. Bypassing the analytical, critical mind allows  you to access powerful new resources from your creative, imaginative and emotional centres.


Stage hypnosis has led to many people misunderstanding the value of hypnotherapy. Please take a look at the FAQs page for answers to the most common concerns people have.


Almost everyone within the normal IQ range can be hypnotised -  as long as they choose to be. When in trance you will still hear and sense things, be able to respond to questions and be able to refuse to take suggestions if you want to.


With Hypnotherapy you can experience emotional freedom, greater motivation, a better appreciation of life. You can also safely release old hurts and traumas, gain a new perspective of work, health, relationships and finances and programme yourself for a brighter, happier future. Physical healing can also be enhanced. As relaxation is key to the process, stress melts away easily, too.


NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming - is a selection of techniques originally created in the 1970's which have been developed over the years and proved to be very effective in therapy, education and business. Faster and more dynamic than traditional hypnotherapy they allow the client to utilise the power of the imagination to create very real lasting outcomes.


Mike Mandel Mindscaping.


In 2017 I undertook training in person in this powerful technique from it's originator, Master Hypnotist and Therapist Mike Mandel on a rare UK trip from his homeland of Canada. Working 'content-free' and with metaphor, Mindscaping allows your unconcious mind to easily and painlessly recognise and improve the difficult areas of any part of your life.