Paul Eagle

Hypnosis and Healing

Time for You

               to Get Better

Fees (wef July 2020)

Hypnotherapy / Counselling / Psychotherapy / NLP:


£55 per 1 hour session* / £85 per 2 hour session.*


Real World Reiki / Spiritual Healing:


£45 per 45 minutes.


PLR: £70 per 90 minutes.


* Your session will typically include a few minutes 'settling in' at the beginning and a few minutes 'rounding off' at the end. In the course of several sessions it may be that some will run over slightly as we are in the middle of dealing with an issue, or may finish a few minutes early where there is a natural break.

Home Visits


In some cases I can offer home visits if you have a suitable quiet space. There may be an extra charge for travel costs for this. Please ask for details.

Money tight?


I will never refuse treatment where there is real need and hardship. Please get in touch and see what can be arranged.


Sometimes, however, it may be that someone  just doesn't recognise the value of effective therapy, or prefers to choose other priorities.  Please take a moment to look at your expenditure before deciding therapy is 'too expensive'. Remember that the positive effects can last a lifetime.


If you need help discovering how to afford the sessions you would like, I offer a (paid for) session to help you go through your costs and find the savings required.

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”

Benjamin Franklin