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Common Questions About Therapy:


What is involved?


We will work together to explore your issues, agree on which aspects need to be prioritised and use a range of techniques, including talking and listening, breathing, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), trance and hypnosis, and cognitive therapy to help you reach a satisfying result.


Is it Private?


Everything that is said and done is completely confidential, unless it appears that you intend to cause harm to yourself or others.


Does it Work?


Yes! Just being able to 'offload' gives many people a sense of relief; but we will go further and resolve the issues you are dealing with.


How Many Sessions?


It depends. A single specific issue such as a phobia or relationship problem is often resolved in 3-5 sessions. More complex cases may need up to 10 sessions. At all times my priority is to help you in the most efficient and effective way that actually works, and will last. Be careful of any therapist offering a "1-session fix!"  People often choose to maintain good mental health with a regular visit.


Will You Provide the Answers?


No!  Therapy requires your commitment to change, and to try new approaches. I will direct you with some techniques, and help you to explore your options - even when you may not be aware of them -  but no therapist should be telling you what to do or how to live your life.


Will I tell all my secrets? Am I under your control?


No. Even in deep trance you have the ability to choose what to answer and what to withold. Hypnosis is not Mind Control, despite what Stage Hypnotists may want you to believe! Oh, and there is no 'Clucking like a Chicken' or 'Singing like Elvis' involved!


Can Everyone be Hypnotised?


Anybody with normal intelligence can be hypnotised to some degree. Sometimes it is a question of practise, so a person who often meditates or has used visualisation methods before may find it easier to drift in trance; if it is your first experience of this type of therapy you may need to practise a little before acheiving deeper states. If this is the case I will show you how to practise at home.


Do I have to be Hypnotised?


The power of Hypnosis in making positive change by using the resources of your Subconcious Mind can be amazing, which is why I use hypnotic techniques. However, some circumstances are more suited to non-hypnotic styles such as Counselling, Cognitive Therapy or NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), in which case we will use these approaches instead.


What does Trance feel like?


Being in  trance is like being in a daydreaming state, guided by the therapist.


Will I remember?


You will normally have full recollection of what has been covered in your sessions.

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