Paul Eagle

Hypnosis and Healing

Time for You

               to Get Better

Counselling and Psychotherapy

The first step in making things better is often to 'tell your story'.


Being able to 'offload' without interruption or judgement, with someone who is trained to listen, and is not pushing their own agenda or opinions, can be very liberating in itself.


Whatever your issue, 'getting it off your chest' clears the way to explore your options - even those that you may not know you have.


You are held in 'non-judgemental positive regard' at all times. This basically means that I am there to help you to express whatever you need to, and help you discover what you may choose to do next.


You will not be told what to do or 'given all the answers' but clarifying what is truly important to you often leads the way into more 'directed' therapy such as hypnotherapy, where specific techniques can be learned to achieve your desired goals.


Feeling supported and having someone to reflect ideas and thoughts with can make it much easier to move forward.


My approach is person- centred. I use aspects of Cognitive therapy, Transactional Analysis, Inner Child therapy and Parts therapy as appropriate.